Official Game of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead

Are you ready to take over Woodbury and put an end to The Governor’s tyranny? Battle between life and the undead in the definitive Walking Dead role-playing game, where your decisions will determine who lives or dies.

In an all-new story based on the original The Walking Dead graphic novels, recruit iconic survivors like Rick, Glenn and Michonne to join your team and break free from the reign of a madman. Obliterate Walkers and other survivors with a deadly arsenal of weapons, including Michonne’s almighty katana. Power up your team to combat against enemy raids and fortify your home base with supplies gathered from dangerous PVP and PVE missions. In this seemingly endless zombie apocalypse, it’s kill or be killed as you fight for survival.

User Reviews

"Awesome Best walking dead game."

"Addictive Great game, very addictive. Hard to put down."

"Awesome game Great battles from human to undead"

"Best game on mobile, hands down. Hope they don't change the formula. Love the story love the gore. Best of all its not really a pay to play kind of game. Hope that doesn't change. Thank you for making this wonderful game."